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“Three months ago, prior to seeing Adrianne, I suffered from ulcerative colitis, and feeling all the effects from this debilitating disease. She instructed me to go on a gluten free diet along with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. After following this diet I am happy to say I am symptom free of the colitis and have achieved other healthy results. My total cholesterol, which used to be over 200 is now 115. My triglycerides have been cut in half. Not to mention I’ve lost 10 Pounds!”


“My first experience was amazing with Heather and the staff! They were extremely professional and non-judgmental when it came to my issues. At first, Heather asked me questions to get a better idea what I was dealing with and what could be causing the issues. After that, she educated me on proper nutrition and provided me with tools to facilitate healthy eating. In conclusion, we set some attainable goals for me to strive for. I look forward to our next meeting in 2 weeks!”


“Heather was very patient and informative, I felt very comfortable in her office. Looking forward to seeing how my diabetes is going to be controlled, as well as my weight!”


“They have been very courteous, helpful, supportive, and easy to talk to. I have just started my journey but they have helped me lose 35 plus pounds between January and beginning of May. Would highly recommend them and still keep going as long as I need to.”


“After 16 months listening and learning a new way to view food and nutrition, I feel more confident in eating out, eating in and just making better choices ... oh that's right I dropped over 25 lbs. and am maintaining it.”


“Adrianne does a fantastic job listening, and coming up with better choices for eating. She's smart, and creative with her ideas, and more than anything - her plans are effective.”


“I have been seeing Adrianne for a year and 4 months. With her guidance, support, and encouragement I have lost 77 pounds. She has educated me to eat healthier and exercise. It's not easy, but I need to do this for me. I had to take control of my weight, otherwise the doctor would put me on diabetic medication which I do not want! My doctor has cut my cholesterol pills in half since my visits. The whole staff are very pleasant, and helpful. I encourage you to take the first step and try BodyMetrix.”


“Heather and BodyMetrix have been great to work with. She is helping me understand overall nutrition, proper fueling to keep my energy levels consistent and a dietary plan to help with training for triathlons. I've attended three sessions and have already learned valuable information that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend Heather and BodyMetrix.”


“Adrianne is an absolutely amazing person to have as a resource to guide me as I continue on my pathway of healthy eating and living. She offers all the support I could need so I can be informed when making choices. I would highly recommend her services!!”


“I've been going for a little over a month and I am getting great tools and support for my journey to a healthier life. Heather is fantastic and the entire staff that I've encountered are great.”

“I began seeing a nutritionist at BodyMetrix due to a newly diagnosed medical issue. I was connected with Heather who is so great. She's knowledgeable and supportive and gentle when I feel I make a misstep in my plan. My A1C has dropped by 2 points and I lost 15 pounds over the past 5 months. I would highly recommend Heather or another nutritionist at BodyMetrix. If you really want, you can follow your nutritional visit with a wonderful massage with Shelley or another therapist.”

“Excellent nutritional wisdom! BodyMetrix’ dietitians are highly educated and excellent in explaining nutritional wisdom for our daily lives. My husband and I, along with our teenager have benefited greatly from their nutritional education and down to earth advice and daily tips. Their daily snack ideas and meal ideas along with explanations for our fluctuating blood sugar levels have really changed our eating patterns. Our teenager is in sports on a daily basis, and is now re-thinking meals and snacks.”

“Great Visit. I really enjoyed my first visit and felt it was tailored to me and my needs! I am looking forward to a new lifestyle and amazing support and wisdom to do so!”

“First visit was great! We took time to really understand what my goals are and how to begin. Focusing on changing habits to lead to success that lasts. Very excited about this journey!”

“Excellent Services. I needed help with learning to be more healthy with my food choices. Adrianne has provided me with the tools and information for losing some weight, but much more importantly, being a healthier person. I have immune issues and I am feeling much better since my new habits. One of those includes exercise and that is working AMAZINGLY!! Thanks Adrianne!”

“Heather does a great job of motivating me to do food journaling, increase my water intake and increase the number of steps I take each day. Keeping me accountable is helping me to see my weight decreasing! Thanks so much Heather!”

“I have been seeing Adrianne for the past year. She has helped me tremendously on how to eat healthier and get fit. Believe me, it hasn’t been easy, but I am determined to make this work for me. With the help of Adrianne I was able to cut my cholesterol dosage in half. She is very helpful, has your back, and gives you a lot of encouragement. I highly recommend a visit with her to help you take the first step to being healthier. One step at a time.”

“Heather provided excellent guidance on changing my diet. She made recommendations that I felt were manageable changes given the time pressures of life. I look forward to our next meeting.”

“The meetings with Heather were informative and enjoyable. The handouts have helped me change no only the way I eat but how I think about eating. On top of that, she was polite enough to laugh at my jokes. If it’s true that laughing burns many calories, I’d be even skinnier since I started meeting with her!”

"Really can't say how grateful I am for the advice and guidance! Changed my life! If you want to feel better and be healthier, try it. It will make you want to do more!"


"BodyMetrix is outstanding! They all seem kind and helpful. No one is condemning or condescending. They look you in the eye and ask how they can help! Yea! What a great place to learn sports nutrition and weight control. Love these guys!"

"I've been working with Adrianne of BodyMetrix for about 2 1/2 months. She's been a very positive person in my life. She is informative, she's good humored and she's laid out a plan for me that is simple, healthy and has helped me to achieve some really great results. What she has provided me with is a way to live healthy but not in a restrictive way. She believes very much in balance. I would recommend her and her colleagues wholeheartedly!"

"I recently visited with Heather for a Nutritional Eval. Heather was very helpful and knowledgeable and put together a plan that would work for me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. "

"A few years ago, I read an article warning against the weight gain that happens as we age. It pointed out even if you just gain a pound a year - after several years it adds up! I have never been what people would consider heavy, but over time I have been packing on extra pounds. It was clear I needed to make a change & I needed help! BodyMetrix to the rescue. Thanks to the support & guidance I received I have lost 15 pounds & I feel great! Give yourself the gift of health. Change your life!"

"Heather is a great nutritionist, as well as supportive in healthy nutritional suggestion. I highly recommend the BodyMetrix"

"Adrianne invested a lot of time in understanding my personal goals and talking through all of the steps in a highly personalized plan to reach my health and fitness goals. I am very optimistic about the future and look forward to working with the BodyMetrix staff into next year!"

"I am a collegiate athlete who was looking to get healthier and gain more of an edge on the competition. This helped with how to eat and with making a diet that fits with what I was trying to accomplish. I am feeling great and I am looking forward to this season."

"I started working with Adrianne on 1-2-2017, she has been a life saver. I had just been diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic and was 296 lbs, My blood work was horrible, 10.1- A1C, 1562 -Triglycerides, 287- Cholesterol, and Blood Sugars were 350 to 450. My PCP told me I would probably always be on medication and insulin! As of 4-10-2017 my A1C is 6.2, Triglycerides 170, Cholesterol 107 and sugars are 85-125, I am down 37 lbs and I am off insulin. Thank you Adrianne you have saved my life! What the power of diet and exercise can do"

"Working with BodyMetrix has been a wonderful experience. The company is efficient and the personnel are friendly. My RD Adrianne is knowledgeable, professional and very nice. It is a great experience "

"A great first visit. Heather is getting me to think smart and is helping me get back on the healthy eating track. Need to get my cholesterol down."

"Adrianne has been very kind. When I had a problem that prevented me from exercising she sought Jim's advice who helped me. During the holidays when I gained back the weight I lost we looked how I could get back into my routine. I have already lost my holiday weight. Adrianne is knowledgeable and forward thinking. I appreciate all the help she has given to me."

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. BodyMetrix was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” 

"Caring professionals with easy access to reaching them. It's like sitting down with a friend. I highly recommend them to anyone."

"The staff at BodyMetrix is very kind, polite, and personable. They listen to what you have to say and really take it to heart. By reviewing my food journal they were able to figure out what was causing the pain in my stomach. I feel so much better now after being on my new diet. I always look forward to my next meeting with them."

"A very positive experience working with both dietitians. They explained everything from the beginning and are available to answer questions, even when I hadn't been able to go in and became stressed. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs guidance."

"I always have a fantastic discussion with Adrianne. She is very helpful with giving you ideas on what good foods to eat and how much food to eat in order to lose weight."


"Started this journey in June 2013. Adrianne had been trying for years to get me to change my eating habits. Decided to give it a try. Thank you for never giving up on me. Seven months later, down 53 pounds, eating healthier than I ever had and feel like I'm 20. Thank you, just isn't a big enough word. Try this, It really works!"


"I am a diabetic that is under control through diet and until  recently exercise. I have had three sessions with Adrianne, who has been reassessing and fine tuning my eating patterns. I have weight to lose and with Adrianne's help, I will succeed. Jim also helped me with a health issue. Thanks."


"I have had a few visits with Adrianne and I am learning a lot about nutrition, I find that the way our eating habits are explained to me is easy to understand and the tips are very useful for everyday life. I will continue to see Adrianne and would recommend BodyMetrix to everyone."



"I needed help coming up with a plan to meet my dietary needs, busy schedule, and picky eating. I felt so much better after meeting with Adrianne! She was incredibly helpful and encouraging. Together we set up a plan that I feel is totally reasonable. It fits my lifestyle and my tastes and I'm confident I will be able to meet my goals. I'm so glad I went and I highly recommend BodyMetrix!"



"I have seen Adrianne for nutrition and weight loss help, and now Jim for some back pain, and strength training. Both are committed to helping me reach my goals. Jim asks a lot of questions before massage so he is able to target my problem areas. He looks for feedback before and after each session so he can be even more effective durning the next session. He also created a strength training routine to best fit my ability and goals, and to incorporate the equipment I have at home. Recommend!!"


"I went to see Adrianne for the first time and had a very exciting visit and talked about how we are going to work together to help me start eating better to get healthier and to lose some unwanted pounds."


"Adrianne was very friendly and offered great advice on improving my diet. She went over the results of my last physical exam and explained where I needed to make changes. I would highly recommend her!"


"I was overweight and diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol in 2009 and put on medication. I continued to ignore my doctors advice to diet, exercise and lose weight. By 2010 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My doctor said I would need to go on insulin medication.  I called Adrianne Delgado and she educated me on nutrition so I could understand what I was eating and when I was eating was affecting my sugar levels.  My goal was to get healthy so I wouldn't have to take insulin. Thanks to Adrianne I reached my goal. I'm not on insulin or cholesterol medication and my blood pressure medication has been cut in half. Oh yeah, I also lost weight!"



"I had a delightful experience at my first visit to BodyMetrix. Adrianne was encouraging, firm, cajoling and candid and I am excited to continue my "getting healthier" journey with her. My husband has also agreed to join me - what a miracle that is!"


"I had a great experience with Adrianne. She was very informative and flexible with the possible plans and approaches. She also had great suggestions for how to effectively apply this in a corporate structure where lunch is an extension of the work day."



"I originally worked with Adrianne after I had my first baby a few years ago. She got me on a 6 week plan that was tough but definitely changed how I ate and thought about food. Using the basics from that plan I have kept the weight off and after my 2nd baby it was much easier having a plan of action. I am very grateful to Adrianne and her nutrition know-how."



"Adrianne is positive, informative, and most importantly, has ideas for me to keep eating healthy with my work and family schedule. She has provided my daughter and myself with some AWESOME recipes which are not only healthy but actually TASTE GOOD and don't take forever to make. She even has great advice concerning exercise to meet your lifestyle needs. Adrianne ROCKS!"


"I learned so much about my self and my eating habits. Adrianne is awesome, a great listener and very easy to get along with. She laid out a great plan for me and encouraged me to continue walking a healthy path. She gave me some wonderful recipes, great ideas to use in cooking, and websites to find more healthy recipes. I was extremely pleased with my counseling!"



"I am a 60 year old who has struggled with weight issues for quite awhile and have tried several popular diet plans. Unfortunately, none ultimately worked when I transitioned to the maintenance phase; likely because I lacked the right knowledge and behavioral understanding. Enter Adrianne and BodyMetrix. She is working with me on a ten session plan to set reachable goals, plan my eating, understand foods and labels and the psychology of eating. I am making excellent progress. Highly recommend! She is a true professional and helping me gain the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve success in healthy eating and fitness. Do yourself a favor and give her a call like I did. You will not regret it."



"Our initial counseling with Adrianne was very informative. We were doing everything wrong. Looking forward to more sessions. Adrianne explained everything so it made sense. She was wonderful."



"I have been working with Adrianne for about 7 months and it has been a great experience. She really cares about your well being and takes into consideration your life style. She has worked with me to change my eating habits, make better choices without having to drastically change my life style. She has researched and given me easy recipes to cook and little things to do so that I don't give up or feel overwhelmed."



"Adrianne has been amazing with my nutritional counseling. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she researched about my specific case and was prepared for our initial consultation with so much helpful information. She genuinely cares about my health and strives to make an individual plan to fit my needs. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!"

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