Breakfast Before or After My Workout?

January 21, 2020


The timing of your first meal may make a difference in the health benefits that you experience from working out.


Breakfast. It’s a highly debated topic in the nutrition world—timing, content, quantity. Should we eat something before a morning workout or do we wait until afterward? Sometimes we wake up and stumble into our morning workout routine without giving it a second thought: get out of bed, change into workout clothes, put on sneakers, head out the door. Other people intentionally give themselves time for a quick banana or a protein shake. There are a number of methods to start the morning but which makes sense for you and your body?


Recent research is indicating that those individuals who skip breakfast before their morning workout routine and who were able to maintain a fasted state overnight do not tend to lose more weight than their breakfast-consuming counterparts but they do reap several other health benefits. These include burning an increased amount of fat and having a better response to insulin, assisting with blood sugar control. To achieve these effects, you would have to have your last meal of the day several hours before going to bed and wait to eat any food until after your morning workout. If you are thinking about maximizing the health potential of your exercise routine and this sounds like a technique that you’d like to try, speak with a dietitian about the timing of your meals and how to maintain a generally healthful diet to support your physical activity level. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our dietitians!

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