A Quieter Mind, a Healthier You

November 22, 2019



Do you worry about your mental health? Do you focus on stimulating your mind with reading, word games, or challenges? Well, new research from Harvard Medical School is suggesting that a ‘calmer’ mind is also a healthier mind. The brain utilizes the most energy of all of the organs in our body—nearly one-third—and the developing information is pointing to increased health and longevity with ‘quieter’ brains with less neural activity.


What can you do to strengthen your ‘calm’ mind? Tune into your body—think stretching, meditation, savoring your meals, and recognizing emotional exhaustion. To start your ‘quieter’ practice, sit down to your meals in a pleasant environment, make conversation, and eat with intention. It’s important to note that everyone can slow down their lives in different ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you!



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