What to Expect During your Nutrition Counseling Session



Why do the summers seem to go by so much more quickly than the winters? It's hard to believe that Fall is officially here and the kids are back to their school routines. But have you thought about how you are doing with your routine and schedule? Getting back on track can be a bit of a challenge, especially in the area of taking care of your health. Maybe you need a little help getting back into your routine of meal planning for busy nights? Or choosing healthier food options for your family? Have you ever thought of meeting with a dietitian but you're not sure what to expect? Maybe you are a current client and haven't been here in awhile due to your kid's schedule, work, vacations, etc. We would love to see you again! And if you've never scheduled a visit with a registered dietitian, here is what you can expect.


Have you tried every diet in the book?

Are you exhausted obsessing over food 24-7?

Do you want to heal your relationship with food once and for all?

Then you’re the perfect fit for nutrition therapy.


What to Expect:

During your initial assessment, a Registered Dietitian will take a look at your overall health and wellness, including medical history, food and diet history, food intake, activity,  and sleep and stress management. We will work together to develop short-term and long-term goals, which will inform our follow-up sessions.


Follow-up sessions allow us to dive deeper into exploring roadblocks that keep you from achieving your goals. There is no single diet or nutrition plan that will work for one person.  We will work together to come up with an individualized plan with attainable solutions to help you overcome any setbacks.


You’ll Learn How to:

  • Say goodbye to dieting once and for all (and WHY diets don’t work)

  • Honor your hunger and feel your fullness

  • Trust yourself around food

  • Find pleasure and satisfaction from eating

  • Be present to listen to your intuition

  • Challenge your negative thought patterns

  • Be kind to your body

  • Cope with emotions

  • Learn healthy eating habits and meal planning tips for yourself and your family



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