Is ACV good for Me?


What is ACV you may ask? ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar, which is simply apple juice that has been fermented by the addition of yeast. Recently, I have had several clients ask me about apple cider vinegar, or tell me that they are drinking it for various reasons. I decided to write a blog post to hopefully answer some questions on this controversial topic.


First of all what is it used for?  If you google apple cider vinegar benefits, you will see hundreds of different uses and/or benefits, but a popular one is as a weight loss supplement. There is some evidence that it can help with blood sugar levels and possibly weight loss, but there is not a lot of evidence and most of the studies were done on mice. I am cautious about recommending things without a reasonable amount of evidence.  


Other studies say that it may suppress the accumulation of body fat and reduce body weight. Or, it may block starch absorption which prevents blood sugar spikes, which in turn will suppress appetite.  


I know that all of this sounds enticing and promising, but there haven't been extensive studies completed that prove taking ACV will greatly impact your metabolism and weight loss.


It can't hurt to add vinegar to salads for taste or add it to your morning lemon water, but don't jump to taking it as a weight loss aid.


Bottom line ... ACV is not a magic weight loss elixir! The first step to weight loss is making changes to your daily diet and moving more.


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