Top 10 Snow Day Activities


Top 10 Snow Day Activities to Do with Kids

(That Don’t Involve Baking or Watching TV)


So spring has sprung but you wouldn’t know it around here since we have a foot of snow on the ground! Have snow days lost their magic? Are you looking for ways to get your family moving or at least not complaining of boredom? Here are a few ideas:


10. Play in the Snow the Usual Way!  

(Go sledding, build forts, or build snow men.) These are the go-to activities when we have snow and there is a reason – they are a lot of fun! Grab your sleds and hit the local hill or find a pile of heavy snow and dig out a fort. This wet snow also makes great snow people.


9. Snow Removal Business 

Encourage your motivated entrepreneur-in-training to earn a few extra dollars by removing snow from neighbors’ driveways, cars, sidewalks, etc. Earning money can be fun …


8. Paint the Snow 

Add some food color to spray bottles and have your budding artist make snowscapes in the yard, or, if you are feeling brave, fill a tub of snow to bring in the house so they can paint indoors.


7. Indoor Obstacle Course 

Set up couch cushions, items to run around, jump rope, have jumping jack stations, or anything else that can be crawled under or jumped over to make an obstacle course. Once it is set up then everyone can compete for the best course time.


6. Study Snowflakes under a Magnifying Lens  

Each snowflake is as unique as our fingerprints and our children. If you have a magnifying lens or a microscope, take a look at them up close and let the kids draw what they see.


5. Snow Ball Throwing Contest

Now this is a chance to take out some cabin fever aggression without the tears that can come with a snow ball fight. Set up targets or mark how far everyone can throw!


4. Animal Charades

This is a spin on the traditional game which is fun for all ages.


3. Pin the Smile on the Snow Man

Now that you likely have a snowman in the yard, play a version of “pin the tail on the donkey” with snow man eyes, nose, or mouth. Don’t forget to spin!


2. Snow Day Spa

Snow days are a great time to do manicures, pedicures, braid hair, or have a relaxing bubble bath and warm up after playing outside.


1. Plan a Scavenger (Easter Egg?) Hunt

In the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday, hide some Easter Eggs or other items outside or inside or both. Take turns setting up the hunt and to make it even more interesting, write clues to lead from one egg to the next.

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