Consistency is Key

January 31, 2018


When meeting with clients, I hope that I am providing them with at least one piece of advice or information that they can walk out the door and implement.  However, more often than not, I too am learning from the client.   I just thought I would share an interesting analogy that a client recently shared with me.  


My client had a family member going in for a dental checkup and he noticed that this person was feverishly brushing his teeth.  When asked what they were doing, they said " I have a dentist appointment and I need to make sure my teeth are clean".  


Now we all know that a dentist can tell if you are not keeping up with your daily dental hygiene, right?  Brushing your teeth really well for one day will not keep gum disease, cavities, and other issues at bay.  You need to consistently brush your teeth daily!


I thought this was a great comparison to how we should be eating daily.  Having one bad day will not negate any progress you may have had in terms of your overall health goals, just like eating really well for just one day will cause you to lose weight over night.  You have to be consistent to see results!!!  Food for thought......


Have a great Wednesday!!!

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