January 29, 2018


The Super Bowl is always an excuse to either go to party or throw one but even more so this year since we will be cheering on the Philadelphia Eagles!!! 


I know this will be a very exciting day for Eagles fans everywhere but did you know we can consume up to 6,000 calories on this day??  Rather than forfeit our New Year's resolution, let's kick off Super Bowl Sunday with this line-up of healthy eating and drinking tips.


Eat Fruits And Vegetables

Super Bowl staples, like nachos, buffalo wings, and pizza, will all be in attendance on Sunday, offering no nutritional value. Create balance by opting for fruits and vegetables which contain few calories, but a lot of fiber. Keeping healthy food close by can prevent us from eating something unhealthy when we get the munchies.


Go Nuts

Raw almonds, cashews, and pine nuts in a shot glass can deliver heart health benefits, and help keep your portions in check. Most nuts are packed with protein, and contain heart-healthy substances, like unsaturated fats. 


Don't Drink Your Calories

Avoid soda and heavy beers to limit calorie intake. Soda contains a significant amount of sugar, which is linked to weight gain. 


Do Drink Water

Drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated during a 4-hour game. Drinking water will minimize the amount of calories we consume, and aid digestion. A glass of water before a big entree, or a few small plates, can help diminish our appetite, and keep us from taking extra servings.


Use Smaller Plates

Serving ourselves with smaller plates can automatically reduce how many calories we consume. 


Chew Slowly

Chewing our food, and not just swallowing it, can help us eat fewer calories. Our appetite and calorie intake is mainly controlled by hormones. They send a message to the brain letting it know we've eaten, and the nutrients are being absorbed. Interestingly, this process takes about 20 minutes; eating slow gives our brain time to receive these signals.



A quick workout right before the game will get our adrenaline going, and validate four hours of couch sitting. A run or doing some other cardio can help burn calories and aid our physical and mental health.  


Each day this week, we will be featuring a new recipe that is either green or a healthier version of Philly favorite.  Stay tuned......



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