How to Say "No Thanks" at a Holiday Party

December 12, 2017


December is full of holiday parties with lots of food, alcohol, and desserts. You have heard all the tips before on how to avoid putting on extra pounds during this time. Anything from don't go to a party hungry to take small samples of your favorites. There is definitely a place to enjoy some special holiday treats but there will be times you will have to say NO but how do you do this? Many people feel bad saying no, give in to peer pressure, or fear they may hurt someone's feelings. Here are some tips on politely saying no at your next holiday party.

  1. Have a reason - prepare an excuse so you are ready to ward of questions. Have a few go to lines such as "I just ate" or "it looks great, maybe later"

  2. Be careful not to sound to condescending - People may become offended if you decline something for health reasons. They may think you are implying that their food is unhealthy.

  3. Don't feel that you have to constantly defend yourself - What if someone asks you "why not?". This is when you politely state your reason again. When someone constantly pressures you, it's more of a reflection on them and not you. Remember that you are in charge and if it continues, maybe it is time to leave the party.

  4. Supply your own substitutions - Bring a healthy snack that you know you will be able to snack on.

  5. Remember you are an adult - Just because something is in front of you does not mean you have to partake. You always have a choice and it is okay to say NO.










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