168 hours

September 19, 2017

I read an interesting article the other day that I wanted to share.  It was from a trainer who was training a group of women and for the first 2 weeks he didn't have them step foot in a gym.  Needless to say they were quite frustrated considering the amount of money they had just spent.  His reasoning was this........there are 168 hours in a week.  Let's say you work out 5 days per week for an hour each day which makes a total of 5 hours.  Don't get me wrong, this is great but what are you doing those other 163 hours?  Working out for 5 hours won't have much of an impact if you aren't paying attention to the time you are not at the gym.


1.  Are you getting enough sleep?  7 to 9 hours is recommended.

2.  Are you active and not a couch potato?

3.  How is your diet ?  You can't expect to lose weight running on a treadmill for an hour then going home and making poor food choices.



Bottom line is, continue to get those workouts in but don't forget to get enough rest, stay active, and dial in your nutrition plan.  

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