nourish eat repeat

Life is Hard
Food Doesn't Have to Be

As a mom and business owner, I know life can get chaotic at times. We all have the best intentions of doing the right thing, but sometimes time and energy get the best of us and we end up choosing the convenient road. More times than not, food and health take a back seat to busyness and we are left feeling tired, sluggish, and depleted, both physically and mentally. 
Nourish, Eat, Repeat is a practical guide to help you navigate your way through the challenges of nutrition. This isn't a book about carbs, proteins and fats, but rather a book on practical ways you can incorporate health into your busy lifestyle right now. This is a book about execution.  

Inside This Book, You'll Discover

  • Quick, easy, proven strategies to get your family to eat more vegetables 

  • How to take your kids to practice and feed them dinner without visiting the drive-thru

  • Why I make my first graders pack their own lunches (and why you should to)

  • Five vital eating habits that will ensure you never overeat a meal again

  • Why meal planning and cooking in the same night is so hard (but doesn't have to be)

  • How to revise your inner dialogue to evoke positive change

  • Tried and true methods to avoid eating everything in your pantry after the kids go to bed

  • How to eat healthy when travelling

  • Why 10 minutes of movement is all you need to start an exercise habit

  • The power of self-care and why it is a non-negotiable tactic to loving your family well

  • Family friendly recipes your kids will actually want to eat

  • ... and more! 

Plus, Home Study Resources, Including

  • 36 "Five Star" recipes for you to use right away (I call them "Five Star Recipes" because 5/5 of my kids enjoy them)

  • 18 quick, easy exercises you can do each week to progress you along the process (each chapter gives you the choice of: writing an affirmation, performing an easy action, inciting self awareness through daily reflection, journaling, or weekly tracking)

  • Health charts you can use to stay informed and monitor your results

  • My proven grocery list template

  • ... and more!

Hi! I'm Adrianne Delgado, dietitian and author of Nourish, Eat, Repeat. Along with my husband, Jim, I own a health and wellness practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

We all have crazy stories to share about life ... you know the ones we can laugh about later, but in the moment they feel overwhelming, chaotic, or just plain insane. As a mom of 5 kids, I have the privilege of having a lot of those stories. I decided to take the humor of those moments and turn them into nutrition lessons we all can learn from. Most of my patients know exactly what they should do ... it's the execution part that trips them up. Nourish, Eat, Repeat is a combination of stories from our crazy lives, supplemented by nutrition lessons that are simple and practical, yet equally powerful. 

Nourish, Eat, Repeat is set to ship in September. 

a busy woman's guide
to a healthier mind, body, and life