70% of healthcare costs are directly related to lifestyle choices.  Providing your professional staff with onsite nutrition and wellness programs can lead to a healthier, happier, more productive team as well as lower employer healthcare costs.

Health Education Lectures


A Registered Dietitian can visit onsite to provide a one hour health education lecture. Informational handouts and slide deck presentation are included. Topics include: Fat & Cholesterol,
Sodium & Hypertension, Sugars & Carbohydrates, Fad Diets, and more!

Lunch & Learn Events


Our Registered Dietitians can host a one hour Lunch & Learn event onsite at your office location. Informational handouts and slide deck presentation are included, as well as a healthy lunch option (at an additional cost). Lecture topics can include: Healthy Eating 101, Reducing Stress, Eating On-the-Go, Healthy Holidays, Exercise & Health, Sleep & Nutrition, and more!

Live Cooking Demonstrations


Our Registered Dietitians are trained to provide live healthy cooking demonstrations, right in your office! Presentation includes handouts, recipes, and food samples for participants. Seasonal and specialty menus are available to choose from upon request.

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