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I speak from experience (as a former massage therapist myself) when I say Shelley has a gift! The massage sessions I've had with her not only helped my tight muscles to relax but also improved my joint function. She is kind and personable as well as a talented therapist.


Shelley finds a way to relieve pain in my back, neck and shoulders. Lifestyle and productivity can be restored again. Thanks!

My massages with Monica are AMAZING! My back and legs felt like a million bucks when she was done. The atmosphere is incredibly peaceful. Thanks Monica and BodyMetrix!


Going to Monica is an amazing experience! She listens to my issues and jumps right into it. She really goes deep and works the tendons and muscles. I always feel like a new person afterwards. Highly recommend!!!


I had a great experience at BodyMetrix. Kristie did an awesome job and I felt much better after the massage.

Monica does an amazing job! She knows how to find the areas that are tight and work on those muscles for me! I highly recommend her!

I'm very pleased with the kindness, patience, attentiveness, support, and friendliness of my dietitian here.

 I scheduled because of IT Band issues. I was hurting. I was very happy with my massage. I already booked my next appt. Thanks!


What a fantastic place to get a massage! The rooms are inviting and relaxing, the staff is friendly, and the massages are wonderful. What more can I say?!!


“Relaxing, pleasant experience. I have been enjoying monthly massages for many years at BodyMetrix. They also offer Nutritional counseling. I highly recommend BodyMetrix. All staff is very friendly and very dedicated to their clients.”


"Thank you, Kristie for an awesome massage!! I will recommend you to everyone I talk to. Thanks again!!”

"The staff is very friendly. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Massages are wonderful. I look forward to continuing my sessions with them."



"I was very pleased with Monica. I like a deep massage and she came through. She found knots in my back caused by my surgeries and she worked them and I feel so better."


"I have a standing appointment once a month and think the health benefits of massage are great. Staff is fantastic!!"



"I get a maintenance massage about every 6 weeks. I feel so much better and have maintained better health for it. Any issues I have are quickly addressed."

"Had a great first massage with Justin. I actually feel better and have more flexibility now than after several chiropractor visits. Thanks!"

"I get a deep tissue massage with Monica every Monday and it is always very beneficial for the health issues that I have. Highly recommended, especially for people with various health concerns, since she varies her work based on your needs at the time of service."

"Jim has a genuine interest in helping to address issues and relieve pain. He seems to be very knowledgeable and takes time to explain the condition and how his treatment may help. I have met with him for at least 5 sessions throughout the year. Give him a try!"



“I stand for long periods of time three days a week.  I suffered from leg pains for 5-6 months.  After one massage, all leg pain was gone!"



“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. BodyMetrix was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” 



"My first visit at Bodymetrix was a wonderful experience. It was easy to schedule an appointment, and I really like the email confirmations. Jim was professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. The massage I received really helped some issues I was having and I am looking for the next session to help relieve more. Thanks again."



"I schedule a massage with Shelley every month. I always leave feeling GREAT....relaxed and freedom from arthritis achiness. It's not only that I enjoy the massage -----both the atmosphere & everyone in the office is very warm, friendly & helpful. Thank you all."


"Monica is very professional and provides excellent deep tissue work. I have recommended her to several friends/family. Problem with that is, I don't want to have them take all her appointments leaving me no room! :) "

"Excellent deep muscle massage. Jim always zones in on the muscles that are causing me issues. Relaxing environment. Best massage in the area."


"I have been going to BodyMetrix for about 10 months now since being in a car accident. Shelley, along with the other massage therapists, have been helping me with my recovery. They care about my recovery and I am starting to feel better. So grateful for them and I highly recommend them all!"



"I had been in a car accident which resulted in loss of feeling in my left arm and hand. I also experienced some painful back spasms. I had reached a point where I was making no progress w/the nerve issues in my left arm & hand, but the caring massage therapists @ BodyMetrix were able to help me and I began to make progress and regain some of my feeling back. They have also helped me to decrease the amount of spasming in my back. I would recommend them to any one who suffers and wants to feel better!"



"I recently had an injury involving my hamstring a elbow tendons. Massage therapy works on deep tissues in and around the injury. I have noticed a diiference as early as a few sessions. An added bonus is the massage applied to other troubled areas of my body to prevent future injuries. One of the best decisions I have made was introducing BodyMetrix and their expertise to my week!"



"I'm a 40-something triathlete and have been getting deep-tissue sports massage with Justin for about three years now. Justin's massage work is outstanding and I have no doubt has helped keep me healthy, relieving the muscular pain of hard training and helping me recover faster from long workouts. I highly recommend Justin to anyone serious about their training who wants a massage therapist who is an athlete and knows athletes and the specific stresses of both endurance and power sports training."



"Having chronic neck/shoulder problems, have not found anyone here in Tennessee that can work on me like Jim can. Knowing I was coming up to Pennsylvania, made an appointment to get worked on. Went in with a headache and came out feeling great! Haven't felt that much relief since I lived in Pennsylvania and went to Jim regularly. Thanks Jim!"



"As always, Jim and his team are GREAT!! I work on computers all day long, and he always works out my computer kinks."



"I've been going to Shelley for many years. I tell her what my issues are and they are always resolved. She is terrific. Highly recommend."



"I have been using BodyMetrix for massage for many years. The therapists are always on time and the rooms have a relaxed atmosphere. I love the ease of booking as well! The therapists keep notes and know my issues and likes/dislikes. What a great company!"



"I  got a great massage from Justin yesterday. Woke up with no back or neck pain - feeling great today! Massage leads to better living, for sure."



"BodyMetrix has been helping me for over 3 years maintain flexibility and overall stress reduction. Working as a registered nurse is extremely stressful and massage therapy and balanced eating keeps me healthy. Thank you BodyMetrix professionals!"



"My 16 year old son had his first massage with BodyMetrix. He needed loosening up due to playing hockey 4-5 times a week. Shelley was great with him. She explained everything she was doing, was very friendly and gave helpful advice. I will be taking my son back for more massages once a month and I would love to come back for myself too! I will be requesting Shelley!"

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