Do you want improve your own health while at the same time have an impact on and improve the lives of others in our community? Are you ready to spend 31 days establishing healthy new habits? March is one of our favorite months at BodyMetrix because it is National Nutrition Month. This year, we are celebrating by starting a month long challenge on March 1st. It should be simple to understand but challenging to execute.



Complete each daily, individual challenge and receive a point. The person with the most points wins!



During the 31-day challenge, you will have the opportunity to complete up to 15 challenges daily. For every challenge you complete, you will receive one point, for a possible total of 15 points every day. The person with the most points at the completion of the 31 days wins and will receive a $50 Gift Certificate to True Food Kitchen. Once you sign up, we will email you a form where you will be able to log in and submit your progress each day. We trust you will fill out the form accurately.

No purchase is necessary, but we hope you will consider partnering with us with the option to donate $10 to Fostering Hope (a foster share community). Fostering Hope is a volunteer-run 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves foster families and children in Southeastern PA. (Note that 100% of your donation will go to Fostering Hope, and will not increase your odds of winning.) 

Some of the challenges are nutrition related and some are behavior focused. Please note the challenges will remain the same every day for the duration of the month. You may opt to focus on making one or two changes or attempt all 15!

Warning: the challenges we are asking you to complete may cause side effects which may include, but are not limited, to weight changes, improved energy, mood and focus. Everyone wins! As a bonus, the staff at BodyMetrix will be participating as well and cheering you on.(Note: the winner cannot be a BodyMetrix staff member.)

Let’s Review:


  1. Click here to sign up for the challenge.

  2. Once you sign up, we'll send you an email with the link to submit your results every day of the month.


And that’s it!! We are excited to meet you in this challenge and participate alongside of you. Once you have signed up, we will also invite you to our private Facebook page where we will both encourage you and keep each other accountable as well as give you useful tips and recipes. We look forward to seeing you there.  For any additional questions call 610.454.7332.

15 Daily Challenges


  1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water

  2. Women: consume 3 servings* of fruit
    Men: consume 4 servings* of fruit

  3. Women: consume 4 servings* of vegetable
    Men: consume 5 servings* of vegetables

  4. Plan your meals and snacks for the next day

  5. Include a plant-based protein into one of you meals or snacks (ex. quinoa, legumes, soy, etc)

  6. Pack your lunch

  7. Cook dinner at home

  8. Go one day without drinking soda or juice

  9. Put your fork (or spoon) down when your body tells you it is satisfied with the meal (avoid leaving a meal overly full or stuffed)


*serving size is about one cup



  1. Engage in 5 minutes of meditation, quiet time or deep breathing

  2. Get 6–8 hours of sleep

  3. Engage in a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise or purposeful movement (walking, riding bike, lifting weights, etc)

  4. Personal Connection: Pick up the phone to have a conversation vs. texting someone or have a face to face visit with a friend, neighbor, co-worker or relative

  5. Limit screen time (phone, computer, TV) to no more than 1 hour/day (excluding work/school obligations).

  6. Complete a random act of kindness: perform an action or do something nice for someone above and beyond normal courteous behaviors (ie. pay it forward, write a note of gratitude to a friend, etc.)

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